X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

For gaming enthusiasts, having an X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is definitely a great addition. There is nothing better when you can play games comfortably. Some of us may wonder the importance of spending over $100 on a gaming chair. For more information, let’s learn several benefits offered by this gaming chair.

Many people realize that playing games too long can cause some problems such as pains and aches. Knowing about this fact, gaming chairs have become a popular choice. The reason is due to comfort offered by this gaming chair. For people who spend hours for gaming, comfort is the key to their health and posture. If you are one of these people, buying this gaming chair is a must.

So what can you expect from this product? First, it comes with a sleek and futuristic design which will add comfort to your room. With its stylish design, your room will look inviting and appealing. Connecting some popular devices such as WII, PS3, DVD players and IPODS is easy. The best part is, this gaming chair is not only stylish but also very durable. As for its materials, the material used is fire retardant. The gaming chair is crafted from glossy black vinyl over wooden frame and durable metallic. With the use of wireless design, there is no need to deal with wires. Dealing with wires can be very frustrating, by using this gaming chair, all of these problems can be eliminated.

Two speakers and a subwoofer use 2.1 AFM Technology for a total sound immersion experience

AFM technology

One important feature that gamers should know from this gaming chair is the use of AFM technology. This is a technology that allows gamers to experience vibration or rumbling effect. With this technology, you will get better experience when playing games, watching a movie or even playing your favorite music. AFM technology gives you the fully amped-up sensory experience. Along with AFM technology, this gaming chair also comes with wireless operations which will accentuate the power of this rocker chair.

Built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA stereo outputs

Features and Specifications

To give you more details about this gaming chair, here are features and specifications offered by this gaming chair:

  • 2.1 speakers with powerful subwoofer
  • It can connect with multiple chairs for ultimate gaming experience
  • Tilt and swivel base
  • Wireless sound
  • It offers comfort and durability as it is made from glossy black vinyl over durable material and wooden frame.
  • It can connect to some popular media devices such as WII, PS3, XBOX and home theaters
  • It comes with AFM technology and wireless operations
  • It has the 4.1 sound systems
  • It has a sleek and stylish design
  • It comes with a 30 days limited warranty

Great for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading, and relaxing


With some features offered by this gaming chair, gamers can ensure that they will get a better gaming experience. Even for those who are not gamers, this gaming chair offers better experience when watching a movie or listening to music. Comfort, durability, stylish design, these are some good aspects we should consider from this gaming chair.

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